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Jan, Peter, Stefan, Yasir, Henrik, Jonas
Erik, Volkan, Ada, Markus

Sweden Connectivity is a product and engineering company. We work with application development of hardware and software designs for reliable connectivity solutions for mobile wireless devices. Our expertise ranges over Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and RFID. The company also provide network servers supporting our products for mobile phone and web applications under our trademark Vixualizer.

In our work, we provide reference designs for hardware and software products, tools, measurements and comparative studies for best-in-class connectivity solutions. Education, training and know-how transfer are also important services we provide to our clients. The company is iOS and MFi licensees.

Consulting services may vary from deep hardware and software development and integration to project and product management. We have the competence and know-how to cover applications from the user interface to the antenna via most Internet networks.

Our engineers have a worldwide client base, with some of the most successful mobile companies, and provide the best performing connectivity solution products on the market.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Henrik Arfwedson

+46 70 396 63 90

Markus Burvall

+46 70 650 11 44

InOut Smart Systems

Read more about our Smart Systems and see the videos on our product page.



EU project contact person
Henrik Arfwedson

+46 70 396 63 90


Finalized FP7 EU project:

Started in November-2012: MUSES, Corporate IT security and the BYOD/COPE concept.

Muses EU Project

See the information movie:

Final review in November-2015, the result was Excellent according to the reviewers.

Started in October-2010: uTRUSTit, usable Trust in the Internet of Things.

utrustit EU project

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