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Henrik Arfwedson

Henrik, MSc, has worked mainly with wireless connectivity applications, but also with wire line systems, both as an engineer and manager during the last 20 years. He is extremely experienced in system architecture, in addition to being specialized in writing and reviewing specifications and hold three patents. During five years he was appointed elected counselor in the Bluetooth Architect Review Board (BARB) within the Bluetooth SIG. He handles qualification and regulatory tasks worldwide. Pre-studies on radio technology vs requirements on the system is part of everyday work. Henrik now works as the entrepreneurial manager and project leader for our customer and EU projects, both mobile and industrial applications.

+++++ Short range radio specifications and applications in Bluetooth Classic/Smart, AGPS, system architecture and its impact on system and coexistence performance, user interfaces and usability for mobile applications. Management, project and contractual lead.
++++ Patent handling, lock systems, software, hardware and RF components and design
+++ Chip development


Markus Burvall

Markus, MSc, is a very appreciated Scrum Master, system engineer and has worked with design and development of host-based and embedded wireless applications for the last 15 years. He is skilled in taking on new environments and resolving issues on customer platforms, and has major expertise in AGPS, Bluetooth Classic/Smart and Cellular. Lately he has been working with Scrum management of system development, software design for cellular radio-infrastructure and also system architect for continuous integration connectivity test systems.

+++++ System specification, architecture and software design for embedded components and for PCs, RTOS/Android/Linux, uC, tooling, C, C++, Java and numerous other languages. Development, continuous integration and verification, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, ANT, JSON and 3rd party SW on cellular systems, mobiles, PC platforms and demonstrators.
++++ Hardware, I/F, Cellular and WiFi protocols, Low power design, wireless tooling
+++ RF


Erik Holmberg

Erik, MSc, MSc, has worked with system/software design and development of host-based and low power embedded wireless applications for the last 15 years. He is skilled in supporting and working with all major customer platforms and has expertise in Bluetooth Classic/Smart, GPS, WiFi and Cellular. Erik was the architect and designer of a highly embedded Bluetooth Smart system for our customer and is also involved in support tasks directly to other major customers. System verification of cellular infrastructure is also a part of Erik knowledge base.

+++++ Integration, software design and debugging for embedded Bluetooth Classic/Smart applications running on all major OS/RTOS and uC, tooling, Low power design, C, C++, Java and demonstrators
++++ System specification, hardware, I/F, Cellular and WiFi protocols and wireless system verification tooling
+++ Components


Jonas Holmkvist

Jonas, MSc, has past experience with power regulators and other supporting systems, but has over the last 20 years worked mainly with wireless connectivity applications as a development and applications engineer. He is extremely skilled in hardware and software system debugging. Jonas has developed PC software/hardware tooling for customer support and has long expertise in Bluetooth Classic/Smart, GPS and WiFi. Web server design for internet mobile applications and IT development has also been a major task for Jonas during the last ten years.

+++++ Hardware, software tooling and automated test systems, voice coding, all major interfaces used in mobile application chip set and components. Bluetooth Classic/Smart, Server development, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, ANT, JSON, MySQL, graphics, web design and Java scripting.
++++ Power regulators, clock systems, WiFi and Cellular, wireless system verification tooling, lock systems
+++ Chip development, RF


Sven-Arne Gudmundsson

Sven-Arne, MSc, has worked with various analogue devices such as power regulators and wireline components and applications since 1970, and has during the last 20 years been specialized in RF applications as a design and applications engineer. He is extremely skilled in RF design close to the antenna, verification and tooling for customer support. Sven-Arne has genuine expertise in discrete radio components for connectivity in mobile phone RF systems. He currently works with RF support for Bluetooth and GPS implementation in mobile applications. Additionally, he creates reference designs, measurements, BOM, and reviews schematics for customers worldwide.

+++++ Discrete optimized analogue components, RF measurements, analogue design/layout, complex RF, antennas, system verification and customer support
++++ Hardware tooling and demonstrators
+++ Software tools


Peter Thellenberg

Peter, MSc, has worked with numerous analogue and wireline applications since 1985, and has focused on RF design, layout and verification over the last 20 years. He is extremely skilled in RF verification, automation, hardware, software, and tooling for development, and has expertise in GPS, FMR, Bluetooth Classic/Smart, WiFi, RFID and mobile phone RF systems. Peter has lately been working with cellular infrastructure test development of an automated RF validation systems and the following verification. Furthermore, RF testing and design support for connectivity implementations has been part of the daily work.

+++++ RF design and analogue validation and verification, analogue design/layout with correct impedance network, complex RF, Bluetooth Classic/Smart, antenna design & measurements and LabVIEW automated test systems
++++ RF simulation, Antenna simulation, PCB layout, component specifications, Matlab, RFID/NFC, lock systems, hardware tooling and documentation. Production and purchasing handling.
+++ Customer support


Yasir, MSc, came from University doing his thesis work at Sweden Connectivity in 2012. and he has mainly worked with design and development of host-based wireless applications. Yasir has specialist knowhow in Continuous Integration systems, Java and application development for Android and other OS-systems e.g. iOS with Objective-C. He is right now working within one of our EU projects (MUSES) with continuous system integration and App and com layer development.

+++++ Software design, TCP/IP communication, object oriented programming, LAMP server, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, ANT, JSON, secure transport https, Apps for Android and iOS on mobile phone platforms, Linux, continuous integration and test system
++++ GUI design, MySQL, Windows and SW development tooling
+++ RTOS, Bluetooth Classic/Smart, and hardware


Pontus, MSc, Exam in Scientific engineering at Uppsala Universitet. He has been working for Sweden Connectivity during his studies made his thesis work at Ericsson and worked for consultancy company netlight. Pontus is very capable in developing back-end servers, Android Apps and IoT embedded systems. As a person Pontus does thorough design specifications and is very accurate in the design and development phase. He is self-driven but at the same time very good at communicating targets and results. Pontus is fast in getting into new code and understands quickly w/o knowing all the details. He takes initiatives during a project to secure that the project is on target.

+++++ Java, Java EE, Server development, TCP/IP communication, REST API, JSON, SW integration, Python, Linux, SQLite, MySQL, Glassfish, JSON, Eclipse, Git
++++ Linux/BASH, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Hibernate, HTTP(s), git, C/C++, CI, Jenkins, XML, svn JavaScript, Android studio, Gradle, CI system, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, ANT, SVN
+++ RTOS, Bluetooth Classic/LE


Jan, MSc, has been working for Ericsson with IC design and verification and for other companies doing RFIC design and verification during 15 years. The last five years Jan has been working more with programming and verification of software/firmware and Apps.

+++++ Analog RFIC design, UI automator for Android, UI automation for iOS, electronics measurements e.g. oscilloscope, noise analyzer, spectrum analyzers etc.
++++ Java , C, Jenkins, Bash script
+++ Android, Bluetooth Smart


Updated: 2019-01-09
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