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Thesis work at Sweden Connectivity

Two thesis works have been done during 2008 according to the below description. One in the area of GPS systems and one in the area of embedded Bluetooth.

Develop Application software for BT/AGPS and NFC system functionality and verification of the complete system.

Sweden Connectivity AB in Kista (engineers from former Ericsson and Siemens Microelectronics Divisions) do design-in and deliver SW suitable for chip sets for the wireless communication standards Bluetooth, AGPS, NFC and WLAN. Through a short-distance radio link, mobile phones, PCs, PDA, printers, medical equipment etc can communicate interactively and ad hoc through the established network.

More and more applications are using wireless technologies; it’s the trend of today. Sweden Connectivity AB and other companies focus on wireless communications as one of the most important areas for the future in the mobile and data-com industry.

The focus is to develop custom specific SW and tools (test systems, drivers and test scripts) to enable design and verification of embedded Bluetooth/AGPS systems. These tools are used for verifying functionality, stability and system co-existence.

Targeted goal of the thesis work is to;

  • Do a specific embedded BT design using ready SW components or new designed parts which work with AGPS and/or NFC SW and HW.
  • Define and evaluate the test SW tool for verification of the system, where two or more devices communicate.

You will use and/or develop multiple development and test tools for the thesis work.

You shall be M.Sc. student (Computer Sc, Electrical/Electronics, System) or the equivalent, with a strong interest in software tool engineering.


Updated: 2018-10-10
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