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Thesis work 2009

Thesis work, 20 credits (M.Sc.), Q3-Q4 2009.

Develop database management for mobile applications and interface for the functionality of web and log servers and evaluation of the functionality of complete systems.

Sweden Connectivity in Kista (engineers from former Ericsson and Siemens microelectronics companies). We make design-ins and deliver software for chip sets and wireless communication such as Bluetooth, AGPS, WLAN and 2/3/4G mobile telephones. Mobile telephones, PC:s, PDA:s, printers etc communicate interactively on ad hoc networks through short-range radio and can be transferred via 2/3/4G networks for on-line functionality and data accessibility.

More and more applications use wireless technology; it is today's trend. Sweden Connectivity along with many other companies focuses on wireless communication/applications as one of the most important areas of the mobile telephone and the datacom industry.

The Master's dissertation aims to develop and/or improve database and web/log server-specific software for mobile applications and system nodes. Furthermore, the system will be evaluated/verified for performance and client specific adjustment. Knowledgeability in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java/Javascript and C/C++ is especially valued.

The goal of the Thesis is to:

  • Develop software for database implementation and web/log servers which unite data collecting and presentations in mobile applications.
  • Refine market and system demands and maneuver the development and verification of the system.

You need to be a M.Sc. (Computer, System) student or equivalent, and take great interest in the Internet, database management and system engineering tasks.

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